What People Say – Feminine Fire


Feminine Fire allowed me to explore the parts of my life that were holding me back.  I also powerfully connected with women of other cultures, ages and backgrounds.  I realized how alike we really are.  I know this experience will allow me to take everything in my life to the next level and have my relationships be much stronger.
Laura Hobgood, Senior Manager, Washington, DC

I am now going to make a much bigger difference in my family and in the world.  I can see my gifts and own all sides of myself.  I appreciate all the parts of myself that I wasn’t accepting before. This is true freedom.
Mariya Berezhnova, Manager, NC

Out of Feminine Fire I see that I am a leader.  I can be free in all my relationships and this will allow others to be free.  I am giving up trying to be perfect in my relationships and replacing it with being my best.  I experienced this on a visceral level in the workshop.  Feminine Fire allowed me to access both my male and female energy and create incredible connections with others. It was also a blast!
Erin Dawson Linn, Teacher, NC

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