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WorldLegacy Frequently Asked Questions

Do people attend WorldLegacy workshops if they live in countries other than the United States?2019-02-05T16:26:56-05:00

Yes.  People have attended WorldLegacy workshops from all over the world.  People have traveled from over thirty-five countries other than the United States.  When they attend, they usually remain in the United States for the entire Journey.  There are many graduates who are willing to open their homes to people who travel from outside of the United States.

Why do people go to the WorldLegacy Trainings?2016-10-18T13:40:18-04:00

CEOs, executives, managers, usually looking to create team at work, balance in their personal lives, and looking for the next level in peak performance.

Entrepreneurs and business owners who want to take their business to another level.

Community leaders, public servants or non-profit leaders who want to be more effective.

People who are at a particular plateau in life.

People who love to learn and grow in transformational environments.

People who are at a crossroads in their life.

People interested in being the best version of themselves and getting rid of some old bad habits.

People interested in making a significant impact on this planet.

People who have specific goals that they want to accomplish in less time and more effectively than they currently think are possible.

People looking for inner peace in a chaotic world.

People who are interested in bringing back the newness, the passion they once had for their job or relationship.

What is WorldLegacy?2018-04-18T23:56:46-04:00

WorldLegacy is a company with a vision of making a positive difference in this world.  We have a coaching curriculum for individuals and businesses to support them in having extraordinary lives.  Our stand is integrity and responsibility.

What do we do in the workshops?2016-10-18T13:40:22-04:00

The workshops have three types of activities.  First, the trainer presents topics in a short lecture format.  Second, the participants engage in exercises that allow them to explore the lecture topics personally.  Finally, the students discuss what they are learning with other students.  The exercises include solo reflection or working with single or multiple partners.  In the Breakthrough I workshop some of the topics include choice, personal responsibility, intention, and future goals.

What is unique about your workshops?2016-10-18T13:40:23-04:00

The  workshops are presented using a unique format referred to as Experiential Learning. This technology facilitates learning through an active, hands-on, and co-creative process.  Rather than through note taking, memorization or studying, the experiential process allows individuals to be responsible for their own learning, and to discover what is wanted and needed to get to the next level of accomplishment.  How did you learn to ride a bicycle when you were a child? Your probably did not read a book about riding bicycles or listen to a lecture.  You got on the bike and eventually got your balance; it was personal and action oriented.  And your learning lasted. The facilitator, instead of acting like a teacher imparting facts to be memorized, acts more like a coach.  The workshops are designed in such a way that you are able to produce results through the course if you are willing to work for them.  Set up like a gymnasium, the format provides the equipment (metaphorically) for you to work or exercise on, and offers coaching to maximize your efforts.

What types of exercises are included in the workshops?2018-04-19T00:00:51-04:00

There are a variety of learning opportunities to allow you to look effectively at what matters to you.  The type of learning processes in the workshop include:

Interactive Discussions
The trainer will speak about various topics relevant to contemporary adult life.  At times you may have the opportunity to have one-on-one coaching to assist you in examining your assumptions and behaviors so you can effectively move towards what is most important to you in your life.

A dyad is a one-on-one interaction with another participant.  You may be asked to answer a series of questions, tell a story, complete sentences, or assume a particular body posture. Dyads allow you to look directly at beliefs and for you to support your partner in doing so.

In a mingle you move around the room having brief interactions with many people. As in dyads, the communication you have with other people during a mingle is structured.

You will have an opportunity to participate as a team player in a number of games to reveal your attitudes regarding competition, cooperation, strategies, leadership, and integrity.

Small-Group Exercises
You will have a group of approximately 6–8 other participants to work with periodically during the training.  Over the course of the workshop you will meet with these participants for informal discussions about what you are learning.   A graduate of the workshops will serve as a small group leader of the group.

Closed-Eye Processes
During the closed-eye process, you are guided by the trainer in visualizing situations concerning your past or your vision for your future.  During the visualization, background music will usually be playing, and the lights will usually be lowered to promote creativity.

Throughout the workshop, you will have the opportunity to share about what you are learning, and listen to the experiences of others. This sharing may take place one-on-one, in small groups, or in front of the entire workshop.

Interactions with the Trainer
At times, you may have direct interaction with the trainer. The trainer’s perspective is that you are capable of dealing effectively with the circumstances in your life, that you are striving for joy, peak effectiveness, and that a stance of personal responsibility is more effective than one of being powerless in the face of life’s demands.  Interactions with the trainer are intended to be an opportunity for you to examine your assumptions.  You may feel challenged or uncomfortable in dealing with the unfamiliar.

At the end of each day, you will be given homework to assist you in reflecting on your experience, bring greater clarity to what you are learning and prepare you for the next day’s session.

Do I need to attend all parts of the workshops?2018-04-18T23:57:57-04:00

Yes. In order for you and the other participants to create maximum value in the workshops, we require that you attend all days of the Breakthrough I, II and the Guest Evening. Each day of the workshop builds on the one before.

Should I be in the workshops with someone I know?2016-10-18T13:40:23-04:00

You are invited to take the workshop with family, friends, or colleagues. However, the workshop is designed to give every participant his or her own personal space and experience.

Will doing workshops improve my career performance?2016-10-18T13:40:23-04:00

Transformation is reflected in every aspect of life. Most people find that after the workshops they produce results in their personal and professional life more consistently, with less effort and greater fulfillment.
The types of results people report include:

  • More successful business relationships

  • Excelling beyond self-imposed limitations

  • Stepping out of their box, facing new risks and challenges

  • Ability to handle stress more effectively

  • Increased freedom and passion for life

  • Increased self-esteem and confidence

  • Becoming a team player and increasing overall company performance

  • Ability to manage others more effectively

  • Recognition of areas that may not be working and clarity of purpose

  • Achieving extraordinary results in a much shorter period of time

Are the workshops a substitute for psychological therapy?2016-10-18T13:40:23-04:00

The trainings are not psychotherapy or counseling, nor are they intended to be a substitute for psychotherapy or counseling. Psychological disorders are not addressed in the workshops.  WorldLegacy is a coaching environment designed to enhance personal effectiveness and leadership.  Our workshops are powerful for the vast majority of participants who seek to grow exponentially and increase overall satisfaction in life. However, they should not be taken to resolve emotional problems for which therapy or similar treatments are generally used.

Are the workshops appropriate for those with alcoholism and/or other chemical dependencies?2016-07-02T15:45:53-04:00

No. To maximize the value of the trainings, you will be asked not to drink alcohol or take any non-prescribed, mood-altering drugs during the workshop. If you are dependent on alcohol, marijuana or other similar, non-prescription drugs, and cannot go without these for five days, we recommend that you not participate in the Breakthrough workshop at this time.   WorldLegacy is a coaching company for people committed to extraordinary lives and, as such, is not designed to assist people to deal with problems such as alcoholism or chemical dependency. If you need support in this area we encourage you to seek qualified professional help.

I am apprehensive. Is this a common feeling?2016-05-07T02:57:50-04:00

Yes. The workshops are unlike the standard lecture-oriented seminar or classroom education we are used to.  Being uncertain and even skeptical are natural feelings that arise during the process of self-examination, questioning, and decision-making. It is likely that your considerations -those things you consistently give consideration to before making a decision -are similar in all areas of your life, whether you’re making a decision to take the workshops, change your career, start a relationship, or make any other important life changes. The specific considerations common to you, and the ways in which you have dealt with them, along with how you would like to deal with them in the future, are actually a part of the process of beginning the workshops.

Do people get a financial incentive if they enroll someone in the workshops?2016-05-07T02:16:54-04:00


Are you affiliated with any religious groups or other organizations?2016-10-18T13:40:23-04:00

No. WorldLegacy is a company.  It is a secular business with no ties to any religion. Our workshops are not faith-based, but honor and respect the world’s religions and spiritual traditions. In our workshops we provide an opportunity for open dialogue on some of life’s questions. These are often the same life questions and values that are explored in religion, in philosophy and in everyday teaching, such as honesty and trust, choices, personal responsibility, integrity, and so forth. This exploration can create an opportunity for workshop participants to examine their beliefs and, to deepen their personal faith.  To that end, some participants may actually experience an enhanced sense of spiritual connection. Our coaching curriculum is designed to be compatible with any worldview or faith. We do not provide counsel on matters of religious belief nor ask that anyone change their religious beliefs. We believe that religious questions are appropriately addressed within the faith communities.

What types of people do the workshops?2019-01-25T01:45:58-05:00

The curriculum attracts a diverse group of people from various ages, ethnic backgrounds, careers, and interests.  These are usually people who thrive on living life fully, learning, and growing. Our graduates span corporate, non-profit, and educational organizations, i.e. sales, health care, research, education, government, legal and financial services. Careers range from CEO’s to retirees, teachers, athletes, artists, students, parents, community leaders, pastors, rabbis, professors, attorneys, health professionals, technical professionals, and small business owners, to name a few.  The minimum age is 18 years old and there is no upper limit.

Why are graduates not allowed to tell me the content of the workshops?2018-12-28T22:05:40-05:00

Participants are asked not to disclose or share the experiences of others who are in the training with them, for reasons of personal privacy. They are also requested not to share the specific processes used in the training in order to preserve spontaneity and new learning opportunities for future participants. However, they can share their own experiences.

Is providing referrals or bringing guests to guest events mandatory for graduates?2016-05-07T02:11:20-04:00

No. Like any organization, we are delighted when our graduates are happy with their experience and enroll their friends and family. Most graduates are excited to share themselves with the people in their lives.

Do you have workshops for pets?2016-05-07T02:09:20-04:00

No.  We do not have workshops for dogs, cats or other pets.  However, some pets send their owners to the workshops. Down the road, you never know.

Who are the trainers?2018-12-28T22:06:34-05:00

To facilitate the workshops, trainers usually apprentice a minimum of three to four years with a master trainer. Trainer candidates learn the role of the facilitator by spending literally hundreds of hours in a live workshop environment, modeling the ways of thinking, speaking, and interacting of senior facilitators. This is a rigorous process that demands not only intellectual understanding, but also internalizing the principles of the workshop fully at  emotional and experiential levels. Trainers are master coaches and most of them have advanced degrees in a variety of subjects.  The trainers we use have presented the material across the nation and worldwide and have over 15 years experience.

Is the training comfortable and does it move slowly?2016-10-18T13:40:24-04:00

We are not comfortable and do not usually move slowly. We invite you to join us on the skinny branches and risk for your dreams. Be comfortable when you watch a DVD.  Be uncomfortable when you live your purpose.  It’s worth it.  “Get busy living, or get busy dying.” – The Shawshank Redemption, 1994.  We have also never been described as boring.  Challenging, brutally honest, outrageous, thought provoking, excellent, rigorous, intelligent, and bold-these more accurately describe us.

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