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To achieve and sustain superior business results, it takes more than the best of your ideas, technologies, and resources. It takes the best of your people.

Corporate transformation is not a “how to” it is a “who are you.”  If you want to transform your organization, create teamwork, confront problems creatively, tackle new markets, increase sales, implement new technology, or create ownership, it will be accomplished through your people. It will also take bold and inspiring leadership. Usually, if businesses are not operating at peak performance, it is like dozens of arrows are pointing in different directions. People, functions, and departments are stretched and torn in different directions. We work with you to create powerful shifts in mindsets to align the arrows in one compelling direction toward a breakthrough target. We work best with people interested in dynamic and bold partnerships. We deliver customized workshops for groups or provide individual coaching sessions. For specific programs focused on technical fields, we have a specialized group at Geek Leadership.

Partial Client List:
Anatech, Ltd.
Duke University School of Law
Grateful Growers, LLC
North Carolina Association of CPAs
Thomas, Knight, Trent, King, and Company
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Partial List of Corporate Trainings

Practical Leadership: Hiring and Keeping a High Performance Team

High performance teams don’t just happen, they are built one person at a time. Successful people know how to attract, select, and blend a diverse group of talents into a team that produces results

• Learn how to identify and attract talent to make your company thrive
• Learn how to have employees be accountable for their work
• Learn how to reduce turnover and retain your best employees

Practical Leadership: Inspiring and Igniting Your Team to Success

To drive your business to new heights of success in today’s business world, you have to do more than just master your profession. You have to be an effective leader who can inspire the entire office to perform at the peak of their abilities.

•  Learn how to inspire the best performance from your employees
•  Learn how to maintain a team spirit that attracts repeat business
•  Learn how to identify and harness your own unique leadership talents

Communicating Effectively: Why Don’t People Think Like I Do?

This interactive workshop gives you the opportunity for managers, supervisors, and employees to understand the motivation and intent behind the thinking and actions of others as well as yourself. Learn how to identify different personality styles and how to understand, relate to, and empower each of them.

• Learn why people can’t understand what you’re saying
• Understand why people say one thing, but then do something else
• Learn how to empower your co-workers to be more effective

Public Speaking: Communicating With Impact

This workshop is a practical, hands-on environment for creating powerful communication skills. Rather than focusing on “how-to” checklists or public speaking tips, this workshop uses videotaping and other techniques to allow participants to achieve their own natural style of communicating.

• Communicate with an impact that inspires others
• Master listening as a communication skill
• Align your verbal and your non-verbal communications

What People Say – WorldLegacy Corporate

I engaged Rob and Wes to facilitate a management change at Anatech LTD.  I have let go of an authoritarian, top down model of operating and I am creating a company based on teamwork.  I see that building these businesses takes people committed to the effort who are working together as a team, and who are responsible for their results.  WorldLegacy is all about people and creating team.  People at Anatech are now communicating as never before.  We are taking ourselves on in creating responsibility, full engagement in the process with intention to create spectacular results.  The team is identifying and owning our individual responsibilities and how we relate as a team.  As such, we have developed and committed to Anatech’s vision, our goals, our strategies, and our actions to have them happen.  People are responsible for our customers, our relationships with them, how we are perceived by them, our profitability, and our determination to move forward as a company to create value for our stakeholders.  Rob and Wes’s contribution of the process itself and facilitation of the process makes all this possible.  Specifically, after a little over a month working with them, October revenues are up 61% year over year; profits are 22.2% instead of negative; and we’re looking forward to creating the highest revenues and profits we’ve achieved in 26 years.
George A. Barr, President Anatech LTD, NC

Saturday morning’s session was led by Dr. Lori Todd. A professor at UNC and the founding partner of WorldLegacy, Dr. Todd prompted students to learn about their own leadership styles and taught the students in attendance how to communicate effectively with different types of leaders. Through role playing and brainstorming, students learned how others “hear” their messages and how they could, in turn, be more responsive to different types of messaging. John Spencer, director of student activities, said, “Prior to the weekend, several students relayed their skepticism about listening to professional speakers. However, at the close of the retreat on Saturday, most of those same students came up to me to express their appreciation for the opportunity to learn about their own leadership styles and how they can carry that message to their clubs’ constituents.”
Reprinted From Duke Law News and Events, Second-Annual Leadership Retreat Inspires Leadership

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