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Vision in Action (VIA) is a unique program where you harness the spirit of Play to accomplish extraordinary goals, create deep relationships, and have tremendous fun in life.

Vision in Action (VIA) is a three-month adventure to get to the true nature of who you can be.  In VIA, you will use Play and the metaphor of games to address some fundamental questions that serve as the basis of our lives.

What is the game I am winning in my life?
What is the game I WANT to win in my life?
How can I create my relationships to be vibrant and real?
What is the difference that I am here to make?
How can I live my life on purpose?
How can I accomplish my most important goals and have fun with them?
How can I integrate my transformation into every area of my life?

In VIA, you will swing way out and put your vision in to action in all facets of your life.  Be up to something extraordinary, have others be extraordinary, and have fun doing it!

With your VIA team, you will learn how to design your life as a series of games that call forth your freedom, fun, and creativity. You will experience how the context of play can create powerful teams around you and significantly increase your ability to cause intended results.

What will you do in VIA?
• Learn how to live your life on purpose and achieve your most important goals
• Be extraordinary in the world through all of your relationships
• Make the kind of difference that adds meaning to your life and to other people’s lives
• Work with a powerful group of committed graduates and trainers

Three breakthrough weekend workshops exclusive to VIA
Exclusive coaching sessions with  Master Transformational Trainers
Special assignments to develop a life-long foundation of transformation
A personalized VIA blueprint

Participation in VIA is by application to ensure success for the entire team.
To be selected to be on the VIA team, you must have completed the Leadership Program, and you will need a sincere and strong commitment to live your own extraordinary life in a way that impacts others as well.

Three weekends: Friday Night, all day Saturday, and Sunday
I: Empowering Your Relationships
II: Empowering Your Purpose
III: Empowering Your Future
Tuition: $1995

What People Say – VIA


“I thought I was free. I had no clue. VIA has been the most powerful WorldLegacy workshop thus far. It is the thread that weaves together the Breakthrough I, Breakthrough II, LP, PhD and all the others I’ve taken and gives them a collective foundation.”
– Joseph Long, Software Developer, NC

“I was able to accomplish more in three months than I would have ever thought possible. Every relationship in my life has been enriched by VIA. And I haven’t had this much fun since I was five years old!”
– Jon Ruth, Project Manager Solar Pipeline, NC

“In VIA, I created $19 Million to expand my business as well as a new playground for my company to care for others.”
– Reema Owens, Owner of Assisted Living Facilities, NC

“During the most difficult time of my life, I learned to laugh in the midst of dire circumstances, and I created a new business, set big goals, and accomplished things I never dreamed possible.”
– Mary Baird, Business Owner, NC

“The ability to stretch what I see possible and to play has produced more surprises and excitement in my daily life than any other single experience to date. Now I have access to the genius and creativity that I was born with.”
– Brett McCall, Movie Producer and Entrepreneur, NC

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