Every Leadership team creates an extreme giving WorldLegacy Project.  Each team takes no more than two weeks to prepare and two days to complete an extreme project that leaves a legacy in their community.   At least seventy-five percent of the work and all donations must be contributed by the community.  Project budgets average over $30,000, and all projects must be completed 100%.

Raised by Leadership teams

Featured Projects

The NC158’s Leadership team created an extreme makeover of The Franklin County Animal Shelter’s outdoor areas.  The goal was to create a space of peace and play for the animals, volunteers, and families.  The project was completed in one weekend through a downpour of rain.  The project created a one-third mile walking trail through the woods, a 40×80 foot dog park made of artificial turf, a bullpen, two 20×20 foot sunshades, three dog pools, two benches, and a puppy playpen.  An animal care class was held over the weekend as well as an adoption fare.  Budget: $200,000.  Read more

Franklin County Animal Shelter Franklin County Animal Shelter Franklin County Animal Shelter Franklin County Animal Shelter Franklin County Animal Shelter Franklin County Animal Shelter WorldLegacy Franklin Dog Park Franklin County Animal Shelter Franklin County Animal Shelter


WorldLegacy’s NC126 and NC127 Leadership Teams created an extreme makeover at the Children’s Recovery Center in Myrtle Beach, SC.  The Children’s Recovery Center is a non-profit organization that supports sexually abused children and their families.  The project involved revitalization of the building including:  cleaning and painting the building’s exterior, renovating the bathroom, and extensive landscaping around the building.  In addition, they supplied new furnishings, desks, chairs, computers, and toys for the children. The ribbon cutting included an Easter Egg party for the families and children. Budget: $30,000.  Read more

WorldLegacy’s NC166 Leaders built an extensive playground for St. Helena Catholic School in Minnesota. This project was accomplished in spite of freezing temperatures, snow and rain. To install the playground structures, temperatures needed to be at least 45 degrees. As the temperatures plummeted, the project could only be accomplished by building above ground enclosures to create dry and warm conditions. In effect, a second project was created in less than 24 hours to accomplish the first project! The above ground enclosures required 10,000 pounds of scaffolding, 9,000 square feet of plastic, 500 pounds of propane, and heaters. Budget: $57, 840.  Read more Featured on ABC and NBC News.

NC189 Djoungolo District Hospital, Yaoundé, Cameroon (COVID 19) Press Release $26,275
NC188 Isigudu Lower Primary School Durban, South Africa (COVID 19) Press Release $32,929
NC186 Ronald McDonalds, Charlotte, NC (COVID 19) Press Release $20,000
NC185 Abundant Clean Water, Malawi, Africa Press Release $85,000
NC181 Masonic Home for Children, Oxford, NC (COVID 19) Press Release $24,490
NC179 Ronald McDonalds, Charlotte, NC $22,500
NC178 Pace Center for Girls, Pinellas Park, FL Press Release $30,500
NC177 Vincent House, Pinellas Park, FL Press Release $35,000
NC176 Covenant House, Washington, DC Press Release $28,000
NC175 Little Berries Daycare, Brooklyn, NY Press Release $28,800
NC174 Ronald McDonald House, New York, NY Press Release $16,800
NC173 Ronald McDonald House, Durham, NC Press Release $14,650
NC170 Lithuanian World Center, Lemont, Ill Press Release $24,000
NC169 Uzbek Association, Chicago, Ill     Press Release $30,000
NC168 Kyrgyz Community Center Project, Chicago, Ill    Press Release $44,390
NC167 Boys & Girls Club, Rocky Mount, NC     Press Release $28,245
NC166 St. Helena Catholic School, Minneapolis, Minnesota     Press Release $57,840
NC165 Bolder Options, Minneapolis, Minnesota     Press Release $30,000
NC164 Center for People in Need, Lincoln, Nebraska      Press Release $48,839
NC163 Our Timeless Wisdom, Maryland, North Carolina, NYC $20,000
NC160 SWAG Family Resource Center, Gainesville, FL $20,000
NC158 Franklin County Animal Shelter, Louisburg, NC $200,000
NC154 St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital, Memphis, TN $13,500
NC152 Central Children’s Home, Oxford, NC $30,000
NC150 Reality Ministries, Durham, NC $40,000
NC148 Camp Royall, Moncure, NC $15,000
NC147 HomeStart Residential Facility, Chapel Hill, NC $22,500
NC145 Boys and Girls Club Raleigh, NC $33,000
NC144 Jordan Child and Family Center, Raleigh, NC $33,000
NC140 Passage Home, Raleigh, NC $30,000
NC137 Oaklawn Improvement District, Wichita, Kansas $37,500
NC135 Emerson Waldorf School Farm, Chapel Hill, NC $30,000
NC133 Victorious Praise Church, Durham, NC $35,000
NC131 Urban Ministries, Durham, NC $35,000
NC129 Central Children’s Home, Oxford, NC $40,000
NC126/NC127 Children’s Recovery Center, Myrtle Beach, SC $30,000
NC123 The CAARE Center, Durham NC $32,000
NC120 Ashevillage, Asheville, NC $15,000
NC119 Club Nova, Carrboro, NC $30,000
NC118 Freedom House Recovery Center, Chapel Hill, NC $30,000
NC116 Swannanoa Development Center, Swannanoa, NC $30,000
NC115 Genesis Home, Durham, NC $15,000
NC113 Neighbor to Neighbor, Raleigh, NC $37,500
NC112 Faith Assembly Christian Center, Durham, NC $25,500
NC111 The Family Center of Durham, Durham, NC $30,000
NC110 Urban Ministries of Durham, Durham, NC $19,500
NC109 Shaw University Center Raleigh, NC $65,000
NC108 Alexander Youth Network, Charlotte, NC $19,500
NC106 The Women’s Counseling Center, Orlando, FL $35,000
NC105 LifeSpan Circle School, Burlington, NC $37,500
NC103 Durham Rescue Mission, Durham, NC $50,000
NC100 City of Oaks, Raleigh, NC $30,000
NC98 Montessori Preschool, Greensboro, NC $30,000
NC97 Summit House, Piedmont, Greensboro, NC $36,000
NC96 Pathways Center, Greensboro, NC $30,000
NC95 Fisher House, Fort Bragg, NC $50,000
NC94 Durham Center for Senior Living, Durham, NC $40,000
NC93 Summit House, Raleigh, NC $30,000
NC92 YWCA, Raleigh, NC $10,000
NC91 Shepherd House Assisted Living, Chapel Hill, NC $30,000
NC90 The Heritage of Raleigh, Raleigh, NC $30,000
NC89 Governor Morehead School, Raleigh, NC $30,000
NC88 Spence’s Farm, Chapel Hill, NC $15,000
NC87 Ronald McDonald House, Durham, NC $18,000
NC86 SeeSaw Studio, Durham, NC $12,000
NC85 The Blue Bike Program, Chapel Hill, NC $15,500
NC84 Camelia Gardens Assisted Living, Durham, NC $30,000
NC83 St. Bernard Parish School, Chalmette, LA $13,500
NC83 Haven House Services, Raleigh, NC $32,000
NC82 Coventry House Assisted Living, Siler City, NC $18,000
NC81 Durham Battered Women’s Shelter, Durham, NC $32,000
NC80 John Avery Boys and Girls Club, Durham, NC $12,000
NC78 Wake Interfaith Hospitality Network, Raleigh, NC $33,000
NC77 Happy Hills Animal Shelter, Staley, NC $22,500
NC76 Carrboro Senior Living Center, Carrboro, NC $39,000
NC75 Family Violence and Rape Services, Pittsboro, NC $28,500
NC74 Methodist Child Development Center, Raleigh, NC $18,000
NC73 Green Elementary School, Raleigh, NC $13,500
NC72 Durham Crisis Response Center, Durham, NC $13,500
NC71 Estes Elementary School, Asheville, NC $12,000
NC70 The Central School for Children, Durham, NC $12,500
NC69 Exploris Museum, Raleigh, NC $12,000
NC68 Heritage Retirement Center, Rocky Mount, NC $28,500
NC67 Loaves and Fishes, Raleigh, NC $28,500
NC66 Lead Mine Elementary School, Raleigh, NC $22,500
NC65 Haven House Services, Raleigh, NC $16,500
NC64 Scarborough Nursery School, Durham, NC $35,000
NC63 Walnut Creek Greenway Park System, Raleigh, NC $19,500
NC62 West End Community Center, Durham, NC $30,000
NC61 EK Powe Elementary School, Durham, NC $15,000
NC60 Camp New Hope, Durham, NC $43,500
NC59 Project Homestart, Chapel Hill, NC $36,000
NC58 Little River Family Resource Center, Durham, NC $19,500
NC57 Domestic Violence Center, Wilmington, NC $18,000
NC56 Prancing Horse, Cameron, NC $15,000
NC55 SEEDS, Durham, NC $15,000
NC54 YWCA, Asheville, NC $7,500
NC53 Durham Rescue Mission, Durham, NC $34,500
NC52 Boys and Girls Club of Raleigh, Raleigh, NC $18,000
NC51 Durham Rescue Mission, Durham, NC $37,500
NC50 Durham Rescue Mission, Durham, NC $36,000
NC49 Durham Rescue Mission, Durham, NC $34,500
NC48 Watts Elementary School, Durham, NC $27,000
NC47 Boys and Girls Club of Wake County, Raleigh, NC $22,500
NC46 Bragg Street Park, Raleigh NC $39,000
NC45 Longview Alternative School, Raleigh, NC $32,000
NC44 John Avery Boys and Girls Club, Durham, NC $47,000
NC43 Wake Interfaith Hospitality Network, Raleigh, NC $42,000
NC42 Durham Safe Kids Coalition, Durham, NC $24,000
NC41 Haven House Services, Raleigh, NC $27,000
NC40 Poole Road Transitional Housing Site, Raleigh NC $24,000
NC39 Agape Corner School, Durham, NC $30,000
NC38 Helping Horse, Raleigh, NC $27,000
NC38 Genesis Home for the Homeless, Durham, NC $42,000
NC37 Fox Ridge Community Center, Raleigh, NC $25,500
NC36 Walnut Creek Greenway Park System, Raleigh, NC $34,500
NC35 The Hispanic Family Center Ministries, Raleigh, NC $24,000
NC34 Central Children’s Home, Oxford, NC $57,000
NC33 SAFEchild Child Abuse Prevention, Raleigh, NC $30,000
NC32 Tammy Lynn Center for Disabilities, Raleigh, NC $34,500
NC31 The Epiphany House, Raleigh, NC $27,000
NC30 Low Security Correctional Institution, Butner, NC $40,000
NC29 Raleigh Rescue Mission, Raleigh, NC $27,000
NC28 Open House, Wilmington, NC $24,000
NC26 UNC Memorial Hospital, Chapel Hill, NC $18,000
NC21 Peace Wall, Myrtle Beach, SC $12,000
Project Total $3,733,983