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Art of Quantum Transformation Testimonials

What People Say – WorldLegacy Art of Quantum Transformation

The Art of Quantum Transformation blew my mind to pieces and had my laughter explode. Being with others from a clear space allowed me to be open to reinvent my relationship with my sister. I am committed to developing a deeper relationship with my sister and this melts my heart. I see this workshop also supporting me in building a successful agency.
Tanisha Layne, Business Owner, Washington, DC

Powerful and transformative sums it up for me. I feel that I have breathed a breath of ultra-purified and cleansing air. I expect to feel free in my self-expression.
Marla Fera, Naturopath, NC

I came in knowing I have more to offer but I was so blocked and closed off and I was experiencing physical pain for all my holding back. Now I’m in a place where I feel free to play. My relationship with myself will be constantly growing. I see my relationships with people expanding because I am giving them space to be, and I am coming from infinite possibilities.
Katie Philippi, Self-employed, NE

This workshop will blow your mind! It did mine. I’m truly at a loss of words to describe. I intend to bring this into every aspect of my life. We are all integral co-creators and I intend to live that.
Karen Cole, Paralegal, NC

A powerful workshop that revealed to me the value of jumping into uncertainty and living my life without overthinking. I can let go of my limiting beliefs and now I will play with my vision. It is time to start a new chapter in my life.
Nurbek Ormonov, Event Planner, IL

The workshop was a testament to inner wisdom, the power of love and letting go of beliefs that do not support me living an authentic life. As a result, peace, freedom and living in the present moment is possible for me. I am committed to living a life of appreciation regardless of circumstances.
Rene Parrish, Retired Program Director Radiology, NC

Art of Quantum Transformation was one of the greatest workshops I have ever done. I was able to connect to my true self and from that space connect to others in a way that I had no idea was possible. I will stop living in my mind and thoughts and instead live in the present moment. This will allow me to connect with people I love in a new way.
Kiarash Toossi, System Engineer, MD

The title Quantum Transformation intrigued me, so I enrolled without prompting. The workshop delivered in a way that matters. Now I know for sure that there is a field-the Quantum Field-that Is. The Field responds to my thoughts and feelings. I know this new way of thinking will positively impact my relationships and my businesses.
Stephen Middleton, PhD, Retired Professor, SC

Quantum Transformation is the New Black! Thank you for everything. This workshop allowed me to reconnect to my sense of play and endless possibility. I can say for sure that this will now create new openings in my relationships.
Rachel Hailey, Business Owner, MA

This workshop felt like I was taking an internal shower. I feel clear about who I am and clear about my purpose. I feel whole and complete. I intend to create an inspiring career. I intend to transform my health and bring my romantic relationship to new heights.
Mariya Berezhnova, Business Coach, MI

This workshop is an extraordinary opportunity to let go and discover your energy being and physical being. I experienced the power of love, joy, connection, and play (among other things) with people in an exciting and freeing way. Allowing my authentic, playful, and loving self to now be my come from, I can create resolution in areas that require it in a win/win way.
Barb Kulp, Energy Healer and Massage Therapist, NC

This workshop is truly life changing. I learned about the Quantum Field and how I’ve been thinking from a limiting mindset. I see that shifting to a quantum way of thinking, allows me to choose to live life with no expectations and embracing uncertainty instead of resisting it.
Aizhan Nauryzbayeva, Mother and Wife, NY

I lost my brother two years ago and my mom was sick with cancer. After all these things, I was totally shut down, fighting with myself and with everyone. Now, I want to start to live fully and be fun and free for myself, my family, and humanity.
Aksana Mamatova, Nail Technician, IL

This workshop was a big surprise for me, full of magic, love, and connection. I saw many things for myself that could bring my life to the next level. This was one of the best workshops I have ever done and will impact people at work, my husband, and my family.
Zarina Alim, UI/UX and Product Designer, MD

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Being UnMessable Testimonials 2


This workshop gave me tools to break through past limitations and I believe I will now be unstoppable in each area of my life. I am complete with a new power that will transform my clients, family, friends, and everyone I am in relationship with. I have ways to choose from my commitments instead of my limitations. I am UnMessable.
LaShanya Aikerson, CEO/Trainer, FL

This workshop gave me the opportunity to look at what was not working in my life, and I uncovered my purpose and vision. I am embracing my purpose from a stand of connection, with tools to help me shift when necessary. Thank you so much! This work is the gift that keeps on giving. I can’t imagine my life without it.
Sandy Grogan, Writer, NC

I had a profound experience in this workshop. I went back to my true authentic self and experienced freedom. This will impact my music career. WorldLegacy changed my life and I want to come to every workshop because it made a huge impact in all spheres of my life. When my buttons get pushed, I see how to reset myself. I am now bringing a new level of authenticity and vulnerability to my primary relationship.
Jamilya Kurmanova, Business Owner, NC

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Being UnMessable Testimonials

What People Say – WorldLegacy Being UnMessable

This workshop had me connect deeply with fears that had been stopping me and had me close my heart. The second day was filled with joy and improvisation, and I was able to express myself fully. I am committed to creating trust and deep connections with people. I am clear on my vision, and I am ready to leave my impact on this planet.
Zhansaya Kaiyrbekova, IT, IL

Being UnMessable had me recognize some core limiting beliefs that were filtering events, situations, and relationships. I have tools to shift, not resist! I now have ways to focus on my intention and create a life of no regrets. I have reconnected with my authenticity, and I intend to have real conversations and create joy with my family especially when the stakes are high.
Rene Parrish, Retired Program Director Radiology, NC

Wow! This workshop was a deep inquiry into what detracts or deflects me from my purpose in life, including identifying those thoughts that linger from past experiences. I now have freedom of choice and I am reacquainted with my purpose.
Frank Cole, Building Contractor, NC

Being UnMessable let me tap into my inner pure power and passion and I am letting my true nature come out and play. Being surrounded by open minded and genuine people in this workshop helped me to connect deeply with what I truly want in this world. I will show up authentically in every moment of my life.
Gia Iskakova, Banker, Ohio

Being UnMessable workshop is life changing. I am clear and committed to live with love, freedom and joy. I have opened up new possibilities to create deep love and connection with my family and every human being. I realize I have choices, and when I fully commit to something bigger than myself, life is joyful and fun.
Lina Yang, Business Owner, NC

Being UnMessable has shown me how the power of my thoughts create the reality that I manifest, especially in the “messable” moments. I see how critical it is to pause, reset and choose what I am truly committed to creating. The in-depth work around context was a powerful realization for me. I know this will show up in all the relationships in my life.
Eric McAfee, Software Developer, NC

Being UnMessable was incredible. I truly learned what it means to be unmessable. I get to be the best version of myself and be accountable for all the results in my life. The workshop freed me up to see possibilities that I didn’t see before. I am now confident to create the best life possible and I am committed to creating from a place that is bigger than myself. This experience will support me in my upcoming marriage and all my relationships.
Monica Yang, Esthetician, NC

This workshop gave me tools to break through past limitations and I believe I will now be unstoppable in each area of my life. I am complete with a new power that will transform my clients, family, friends, and everyone I am in relationship with. I have ways to choose from my commitments instead of my limitations. I am UnMessable.
LaShanya Aikerson, CEO/Trainer, FL

This workshop gave me the opportunity to look at what was not working in my life, and I uncovered my purpose and vision. I am embracing my purpose from a stand of connection, with tools to help me shift when necessary. Thank you so much! This work is the gift that keeps on giving. I can’t imagine my life without it.
Sandy Grogan, Writer, NC

I had a profound experience in this workshop. I went back to my true authentic self and experienced freedom. This will impact my music career. WorldLegacy changed my life and I want to come to every workshop because it made a huge impact in all spheres of my life. When my buttons get pushed, I see how to reset myself. I am now bringing a new level of authenticity and vulnerability to my primary relationship.
Jamilya Kurmanova, Business Owner, NC

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The Lens of Awareness

Lens of Awareness



Thursday, June 25, 2020 at 8 pm EST
Connect with fellow SLPs and guests for a dose of transformation!

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Profound Abundance

worldLegacy Profound Abundance

It’s Not What You Think


Tuesday, May 5, 2020 at 8 pm EST
Connect with fellow SLPs for a dose of transformation!

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Relationship Magic

worldlegacy Relationship Magic

Creating Connection In Any Circumstance


Tuesday, April 7, 2020 at 8 pm EST
Connect with fellow SLPs for a dose of transformation!

Relationships are not a “Thing” or puzzle to solve in order to stay safe.

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Couples Workshop Testimonials

What People Say – WorldLegacy Couples Workshop

The Couples workshop was a magical experience.  I  see clearly the ways I’ve sabotaged my relationships and kept it from expanding.  From here, it’s possible to powerfully relate to people regardless of what is in front of me.  We as a couple see how we are collectively a stand in the world with our commitment to one another born out of a greater vision.  I get to generate moment to moment rather than be a victim to the past.
Jordan Deva, Raleigh, NC

Frank and I recently married and started to settle into what I thought was married life – run of the mill – go to work, come home, have disagreements, frustrations, arguments, and then laughing at the same old jokes.  In this workshop I remembered we are not in a fixed relationship.  We are always at choice in how we relate to each other.  We can relate from a much larger purpose than just being a couple, but for a reason that includes our commitment to the world.
Karen Cole, Chapel Hill, NC

I have created a deep, powerful and authentic partnership.  We have strengthened who we are as individuals and as a couple.  I have so many new insights and tools to create my relationship to be alive, free and deeply loving.  I thought I knew my partner so well and yet I discovered many new and priceless things.
Charlene Edgerton, Raleigh, NC

This was a life altering opportunity that enabled self-discovery, self-revelation and self-expression at a core level.  The emotional safety of the workshop allowed for work of the most sacred and vulnerable nature.  What an amazing gift this has been for empowering my partner and myself to have honest exploration.
John Leonard, Leicester, NC

Go to the Couples workshop if you are seeking to take your relationships to the next level.  I have spent too much time in my relationships dreading talking about what I thought was the “heavy stuff.”  As it turns out, revealing my true thoughts and feelings and creating a space for my fiancé to do the same, was actually freeing!   A huge weight has been lifted, and the proverbial pink elephants that we have avoided were revealed in a way that honored both of us.  We can create our relationship to stand for something much bigger than us.
Erin Dawson, Durham, NC

I was able to transform my understanding of what a relationship is by recognizing that I held relationship as a “static thing.”   I now understand that relationship is an organic, fluid, ever changing force, that is bigger and more powerful than I had previously held it.
Kevin Willeford, Leicester, NC

My husband and I opened more lines of communication than I could have ever imagined.  I learned to truly listen to my partner so that he feels heard.  I feel that our relationship is so much clearer and stronger now.
Dana Schrenk, Cary, NC

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Possibility Pandemic

Possibility Pandemic

A Shot of Transformation in Uncertain Times


Tuesday, March 24, 2020 at 8 pm EST
Connect with fellow SLPs for a dose of transformation!

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A & P Testimonials

What People Say – WorldLegacy Abundance & Prosperity

During Abundance & Prosperity I saw the limiting conversations that are holding me back.  I am making significantly different choices going forward so I can attract the clients I am committed to in my career.
LaShanya Aikerson, Corporate Trainer, GA

I am a solo entrepreneur and this was a magical workshop.  I saw abundance is not a place to get to, it is a come from.  I am accepting and expressing myself joyfully and am crystal clear on creating and executing my ideas for my business.  Everyone should take this workshop.
Tanisha Layne, Entrepreneur, NC

This was eye-opening and instrumental in fundamentally having myself shift about coming from a place of abundance and prosperity.  I woke up to the tremendous value I bring to people.  I am free to receive without guilt.
Karen Cole, Paralegal, NC

I used to be successful as a contractor but at the level of generating business in the thousands of dollar range.  My perspective shifted entirely in A & P and I now routinely generate business in the tens of thousands of dollar range.  Quite impressive.
David Nordeen, Plumbing Contractor, SC

I woke up to my relationship with money, people and myself.  This was one of the best workshops I have attended so far.  I became clear about aligning myself with my goals.  I have created the job I wanted, the relationship and marriage I desired, and the healing of my family.
Zarina Alim, IT Developer, Washington, DC

This workshop exceeded my expectations and was fun. I see clearly how I have been sabotaging myself.  I have a much deeper understanding of who I am, what matters most in my life, and living the life I was meant to live.  I have a completely new level of confidence and a clear plan for the future.  In this workshop I found answers in questions I  have been struggling with for a long time.  In a word, extraordinary.
Ellen Coates, Public Health Professional, MA

This workshop was a fun, free and flowing.  I now have two businesses and have more freedom than ever.
Lina Yang, Business Owner, NC

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Quantum Source Testimonials

What People Say – Quantum Source

Quantum Source opened up my eyes to the unknown, uncertainty and a world of possibilities.  Looking at life from this view opens up new doors in my life; a new way to see people and all living creatures in a new light.  I expect this to take all my relationships to a much deeper level.
Kiaresh Tossi, Information Technology, MD.

The is one of the most powerful workshops I have ever attended at WorldLegacy.  I now experience myself as a more powerful, free and open woman.  I can now be a conscious creator in my life.
Jadore Bimurzinova, Caregiver, NYC

It is so amazing to see in a new light and explains the actions and feeling on how the world operates.  I can now interact in my life with new possibilities.  I can see my life operating with free flowing energy and a deeper way to connect to people.
Linda Peters, Engineer, NC

Quantum Source allowed me to take a deeper cut on living in possibility.  I saw how I was keeping myself from creating the relationships I wanted with my daughters, by creating myself separate and anticipating the “next verbal attack.”  Before the workshop was over, I started creating an entirely different connection with my daughters, one of appreciation and love.
Barb Kulp, Massage Therapist, NC

Quantum Source workshop radically changed how I think about my life. Instead of going through plans and strategies for a long period of time, I can now create radical business results much faster.  Infinite possibilities are always available.
Katherine Larsen, Coach and Author, NC

The workshop was amazing and had me get in touch with a totally different way of instantaneously manifesting results.  I also previously underestimated how damaging my limiting conversations are to my health and life.
Eric McAfee, Computer Engineer, NC

I am using this workshop to create a loving connection with my brother and father.  I let go of my frustration in these relationships.  I am the generator of the results in my life in every way.  I loved this workshop.
Aizhan Nauryzbayeva, Finance, NYC

In Quantum Source I was able to clearly see how I have been living as a “separate machine.”  I was not embracing infinite possibilities available in this interconnected universe.  I appreciated the mix of analytical explanation and experiential exercises.  I was able to let go and move forward powerfully.
Carl McMillon, IT Manager, NC

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Public Speaking Testimonials

What People Say – Public Speaking


“After you spoke, I wanted to be one of your medical students and take your course.” I was able to create that feeling for people after a four minute speech in which I rehearsed no lines, memorized no ending. I just was being the powerful change-agent I desired. I was blown away by the power of this workshop to shift my public-speaking focus from me to my audience. I learned how to really move my audience. Isn’t that what public speaking is all about?
Barb Sheline, Physician, Durham, NC

The amount of growth of every individual in such a short time was completely astounding. Shy people were transformed into professional quality speakers in one weekend. Definitely for everyone to use everywhere in their lives.
Mark Wabalas, Engineering Director, Huntersville, NC

This workshop literally improved my verbal and non-verbal communication by 100%.  I’m at ease when speaking because I know my audience is going to be leaving with what I intended for them to get. What an amazing weekend.
Craig French, Wellness Chiropractor, Cary, NC

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VIA Testimonials

What People Say – VIA


“I thought I was free. I had no clue. VIA has been the most powerful WorldLegacy workshop thus far. It is the thread that weaves together the Breakthrough I, Breakthrough II, LP, PhD and all the others I’ve taken and gives them a collective foundation.”
– Joseph Long, Software Developer, NC

“I was able to accomplish more in three months than I would have ever thought possible. Every relationship in my life has been enriched by VIA. And I haven’t had this much fun since I was five years old!”
– Jon Ruth, Project Manager Solar Pipeline, NC

“In VIA, I created $19 Million to expand my business as well as a new playground for my company to care for others.”
– Reema Owens, Owner of Assisted Living Facilities, NC

“During the most difficult time of my life, I learned to laugh in the midst of dire circumstances, and I created a new business, set big goals, and accomplished things I never dreamed possible.”
– Mary Baird, Business Owner, NC

“The ability to stretch what I see possible and to play has produced more surprises and excitement in my daily life than any other single experience to date. Now I have access to the genius and creativity that I was born with.”
– Brett McCall, Movie Producer and Entrepreneur, NC

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Feminine Fire Testimonials

What People Say – Feminine Fire


Feminine Fire allowed me to explore the parts of my life that were holding me back.  I also powerfully connected with women of other cultures, ages and backgrounds.  I realized how alike we really are.  I know this experience will allow me to take everything in my life to the next level and have my relationships be much stronger.
Laura Hobgood, Senior Manager, Washington, DC

I am now going to make a much bigger difference in my family and in the world.  I can see my gifts and own all sides of myself.  I appreciate all the parts of myself that I wasn’t accepting before. This is true freedom.
Mariya Berezhnova, Manager, NC

Out of Feminine Fire I see that I am a leader.  I can be free in all my relationships and this will allow others to be free.  I am giving up trying to be perfect in my relationships and replacing it with being my best.  I experienced this on a visceral level in the workshop.  Feminine Fire allowed me to access both my male and female energy and create incredible connections with others. It was also a blast!
Erin Dawson Linn, Teacher, NC

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Masters Testimonials

What People Say – WorldLegacy Masters

Masters has allowed me to be present with everyone.  I am now cherishing each moment and seeing it as a gift no matter what happens.
Joey Cassiba, Professional, NC

I expect to see results in the domain of business.  I can create from nothing without a predefined expectation of what will happen.   I also see I can be neutral to my results instead of being in reaction.
LaShanya Aikerson, Corporate Trainer, Speaker and Coach, GA

The most valuable part of this training was seeing the value of me choosing to be responsible for everything.  When I am not, there are very negative consequences in my life.  I see I do not have to live in survival and I flourish when I live from my principles.
Laura Hobgood, Senior IT Manager, MD

The results I expect to get from this workshop is to be able to create ten relationships with my children and my partner.  I now have the tools to practice Mastery everyday.  When I have an experience that in the past I would have reacted to, I have tools to shift.
Dave Szigety, Deputy Director Business Relations, NC

I now have a much deeper and profound connection with my purpose on this planet.  I also have tools to release my pain and simply experience my experience without resistance.  I expect to shoot my music video and release it in the next few weeks.  I will also create a plan for a new career.
Katherine Larsen, Musician, Coach and Author, NC

From this workshop I know I will take all my relationships to the next level.  This includes, family, friends, clients and also acquaintances.
Judy Julian, Travel, NC

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Teen Leadership Testimonials

What People Say – Teen Leadership

Teen Leadership was very important for my family.  My children both took Teen Leadership. I took WorldLegacy’s adult workshops and leadership training as well. Because of TL, I am now able to communicate with my teens as responsible young adults. I have been able to empower them to deal with/handle problems they have had with teachers and friends, rather than doing it for them. This has allowed them to experience success and confidence.  My daughter Madison has applied for a special high school-college program and completed the application herself including recommendations, essays and all materials in three days. She easily made the deadline without stress.
Barbara Kulp, WorldLegacy Leadership NC21, Licensed Massage Therapist, NC

After completing the program, Kim is a Leader! She understands the meaning and value of commitment. It shows in the way she interacts with her friends, coaching them with love through the minefield that is high school in the U.S. As a member of the varsity sports team, she leads by example and expects the best from her teammates. As a daughter, she is a delight–loving, confident, responsible, and connected.
Rex and Jan McCallum, NC

As a result of the program, Lauren is much more connected, people and relationship oriented, softer and gentler, and tells me every day she loves me.
Dr. Doug Holmes, NC

Teen Leadership helped me break out of my shell.  I am much more open about things with my parents and friends. I used to battle everything inside and never let anyone in.  This would leave me in a bad mood 90% of the time.  The stress was unbearable and it drove me crazy. Now I make my problems known and handle them as soon as I can. I let people in.
Tyler Cassiba, Teen Leadership Student, NC

TL shows up in my life every single day. It shows up in my confidence and leadership. I look around and see strengthened connections and relationships in my life and it feels very empowering.  In staffing TL, I have helped other teens in discovering themselves and figuring out that they matter because they are leaders in their life.  The most valuable parts of the TL training are the exercises in which the teens look at their lives objectively and then can distinguish what is working and what isn’t working.  Then they can get clear on their intentions.
Natalie Suchy, TL Graduate, NC

Man where to begin. TL has been a blessing for me.  I realized so much about myself and I just saw myself growing into myself.  During TL we talked about masks and I realized that over the years I let myself put on several masks to hide who the real me.  I searched and found myself and I realized that I am a strong Christian, athletic and responsible.  I accepted myself and I don’t have to worry about what others think or say about me. I am accepted and I am a leader.
Kahleel Smith, TL Graduate, NC.

TL made me see the better person I can be if I just believe in myself and the people around me.  It also helped me to see that I can help other people.  I will always and forever Remember and be TL!
Leah Wiggins, TL Graduate, NC.

What Parents Say About Their Teens After Teen Leadership

“She is lighter and seems happier with herself. You always forget and feel stuck with no possibility of change. I see now that at any time, you can change anything and everything.

“She is more acceptable to discussing topics – not as argumentative. She is reflecting on situations and readdressing them.

“He has become aware of other points of view and ways of resolving disagreements.

“Since my daughter has participated in the Teen Program she has taken her school work much more seriously. Before, I felt I had to constantly push her to do her work. Now she does it on her own and she is willing to come to me when she doesn’t understand something.

“We had a good relationship before, but now it is even better. I think he is more open to sharing things that we would not have shared before.

“She has grown more confident and is able to express her thoughts better.

“He has learned to open up and be more communicative with us. She has also learned to identify emotional elements that may break down the conversation.

“He has recognized the importance of responsibility.

Teen Leadership Testimonials2019-10-04T22:50:56-04:00

Improv Testimonials

What People Say – Improv

Improv was a blast! I couldn’t believe how many areas of my life this workshop applies to. I learned how to be in the flow of creativity with others and create even bigger possibilities. I learned that being connected to people creates new possibilities that lead to results.  Improv allowed me to courageously embrace failure and see it in a new way.  It showed me how I can better collaborate with team members.  I see people as gifts not obstacles.  I am clear this will lead to new openings in relationships, a committed harmonious partnership, and increased success in business.
Katherine Larsen, Author and Coach, NC

I realize it is all about making choices, risking, and then taking action. To get the results I want, I need to be free, fun, easy and enjoy the ride. I expect to live life with more joy, power and authenticity.
Ainur Meldebekona, Caregiver, NYC

After years of training and attending workshops, I must admit this was one of the most challenging experiences of my life. This was an amazing opportunity to risk and take my awareness to a new level. I saw I could go splat at 100 miles an hour. I could fail over and over, shift, and then be free. I expect this will allow me to have improved contracts in business, listening in all relationships, and moving forward in my life.
David Nordeen, Plumbing Contractor, SC

Improv is an outstanding box-busting workshop. I was able to practice and take new ground, and plan to take it into my relationships and work. I loved how much practice there was in the workshop. I can now create play and group connections.
Carl McMillon, IT Manager, NC

This incredibly fun workshop enabled me to experience that moment-to-moment I have a vast array of options available to me that I was unable to predict based on my “normal” way of doing things. I learned to open up to expanding myself on the spot. I expect my communication with others will have deeper connection leading to permanent friendships and a valuable, respected and loving life partner.
Michael Koren, Kitchen Designer, NC

Improv is so fun and powerful. I will use the skills I learned to have people feel heard. I will conduct myself openly and effectively with people. I now have so many possibilities.
Danielle Taleas, Behavioral Therapist, MA

The pillars we learned in Improv are fundamental to success in life.  These tenants will forever be a part of my toolkit for deepening relationships both personally and professionally.  This will allow you to tap into your full potential.
Bill Spreitzer, Corporate Trainer, Business Coach, Speaker, NC

This was an amazing experience.  I saw myself in all spheres of my life.  I opened myself up to the importance of listening.  The key to relationships is communication.
Albina Arciero, Student, NYC

Improv brought to life how to communicate anywhere without first preparing a speech.  It was a fun way to learn how to receive gifts others give me and in turn give gifts to others.  I am excited to apply these concepts all over my life.
Bob Ramsey, Software Engineer, NC

In Improv I learned to keep the conversation flowing in a way that benefits everyone. I expect to be more effective at work and in customer interactions and negotiations.
Lisa Mannion, Consulting, NC

This workshop, the variety of experiential exercises, and the practices have given me the confidence to take this work home and use it in all areas of my life.  I will use what I learned to listen and be willing to fail.  If I can embrace failure, my students will have a safe place to learn and make mistakes.
Sandy Grogan, Music Teacher, NC

This workshop gave me new choices to live in the present and understand what listening means.  I really learned how to win and have everyone around me win, build new relationships, and open new possibilities for people around me.
Mohammed Abu Asaker, UNHCR, Abu Dhabi

Improv Testimonials2019-10-04T22:54:24-04:00

Warrior Within Testimonials

What People Say – Warrior Within

I experienced a sense of letting go of everything, and stepping into what I truly want.  For me, that means moving into my future unencumbered and free.  With that freedom, comes the ability to respond in every moment to anyone at any time.  That’s all that I need.  I wish that for others around me.  The feedback that I received was so potent, that I am experiencing shifts even after the training.  These shifts are much like tremors that follow an earthquake.  The landscape of my life is altered.  I am noticing similar shifts in my workplace, with my clients, and in my home and personal life.  I could go on and on raving about this training.  Instead … just do it, and see for yourself!
Betsy Jordan, Direct Creativity, NC

This training had me see my life, and how I was living, so clearly. I saw, all over again, how wonderful life could be when I am responsible. It is incredibly freeing for me to see that all the approval I need in my life comes from within. I also saw my resistance to life and how I had to make it better, work harder, be more disciplined . . . on and on. I now see the benefit of this moment, accepting it as it is, and making a choice.  I saw the pressure I put on myself and the way it paralyzes me when I feel like things really count. I see now that I am enough for any situation. When I give up the need to prove that I’m enough I have the freedom to just be.
Tonya Whitman, Administrative Assistant, MO

Being able to see how obstacles I have in life can be viewed in a way that is forwarding is extremely powerful. This workshop has allowed me to shift my focus on the obstacles I have in my life in a way that I now see the power in the choices I have in overcoming them.
Tiffany Ivey, Network Engineer, NC

I saw clear demonstrations that I matter. When I live in the present, get committed, and get intention, I have the power of being connected to my heart and I can be free.
Anders Johnson, Father, NC

I experienced the power of the intention of a tribe. I experienced my own power and through intention, commitment and determination, I can accomplish miracles. I intend on taking big projects with confidence. I will enjoy preparing for and participating in battles instead of focusing on my flaws and limiting conversations.
Josie Kranz, Farmer, NE

Warrior Within Testimonials2019-10-04T22:57:13-04:00

Sexuality Testimonials

What People Say – WorldLegacy Sexuality

What I gained from the Sexuality workshop is that I can now see, accept, and embrace who I am as a complete, sexual woman. Every aspect of my life has been powerfully enhanced and I am open to experience all my relationships for exactly what they are. Even better, the depth of intimacy that I am now able to create in my personal relationships is truly freeing.
Nan Wilson, Nurse Practitioner, FL

The sexuality workshop changed my life and my relationships as much as Breakthough I and the Breakthrough II did.  Intimacy in my relationships with women has completely changed 100% for the positive.  I met a new woman earlier this month, and we are now in a committed, potentially long term relationship.  I would not trade the experience of the Sexuality Workshop for anything.
Wayne Ford, CLU, CHFC, NC

What’s possible for me in my life through the breakthroughs I had in Sexuality is a freedom and openness towards my own sexuality that I previously had surrounded by what I should and shouldn’t do.  It is so freeing to now realize that when I feel lots of energy attached to stuff, I first can back up and remind myself that it is a neutral event and then I am empowered to chose to see it in a way that serves my vision.  I can get connected to what I want when I clear away the shoulds I put on myself and the shoulds I imagine others put on me.
Karen Shuart, Firefighter, NC

What is possible in my life since this experience is an appreciation and celebration for the one person I’ve neglected and downplayed for so long … me.  It is clearer than ever that it’s impossible to love others deeply, with all of my heart when I don’t love, accept, and appreciate myself. Now that I accept that I matter and that I am valuable, I am able to have relationships and friendships that go beneath the surface, ones that are meaningful and giving.  Finally, recognizing and owning my value allowed me to release everyone else from the responsibility of convincing me that I am loved and appreciated.
B. Robinson, Birhanie Travel, NC

Sexuality was a homecoming for me. I came home to myself.  Living became easy and joyful, because being MYSELF became a joy.  Every moment became a free and joyful expression of myself. Moments for me are now full of my presence, and I am happy to present myself freely and powerfully to the world.  Nothing has given me more comfort and self-confidence than the self-acceptance I achieved in Sexuality. I am indestructible in who I am, and I have learned the true meaning of “Nothing can take away who you are.”
Taylor Hayes, Attorney, NC

The sexuality workshop gave me the opportunity to connect to a side of myself that I had buried.  Since the workshop I have become a free, fearless, sensual woman.
Jeannine Tock, Reiki Master, FL

What I got out of the Sexuality workshop was a whole new appreciation and acceptance of both myself and all the people in my life.  I got to peel off all of the societal roles that I had been living, and return to the essence of who I am.  I dare say that there is something greater than the human mind, and that something is what is left when the mind lets go.  The Sexuality workshop was a powerful environment to just let my mind quiet down, and get back to why I want to be here on this Earth.  For me, that is contribution, love, and freedom.
Sean Garvey, Scientist, NC

The sexuality workshop opened up a new level of intimacy and connection in my relationships, especially with my husband.  We have a new openness and trust that has deepened our love for each other as equal, whole, perfect human beings.  In addition, through the workshop I realized life does not have to be lived in categories: this is my work life, this is my private life, this is my school life… here I am a mother, there a professional, there a student… Instead I get to be a whole person, with a whole, integrated, amazing life in which my sexual, spiritual, physical being is celebrated every day in every connection with others.  Whether I am in conversation with Judges or children, professors or therapists, I am still me, in all my beauty, power, and freedom.  This workshop is a gift! Take it!
Patti Long, Entrepreneur, NC

Sexuality Testimonials2019-10-04T22:59:17-04:00

Inner Game of Money Testimonials

What People Say – WorldLegacy Inner Game of Money

The Inner game of Money was very eye opening.  I have felt my relationship with money was affected by my emotions but I didn’t realize how far back in life it began.  Also I did not realize how my scarcity could cause scarcity for my husband.  I can now have open communication with my husband about our finances and my spending habits.  Then we can have more abundance and security for retirement.
Susan Cahoon, Rad Tech, NC

I really had fun playing in the inner Game of Money workshop.  This workshop allowed me to powerfully see how my relationship with money impacts my relationship with others.  I am so glad I did this workshop.  I no longer tie my self worth to the amount of money I have.  I can be free and abundant. 
Margaret, Marketing, NC

The Inner Game of Money allowed me to examine by beliefs and concepts around money and my relationship with money.  It also provided me with the tools to create abundance in every aspect of my life.  I can now have a business that prospers.
Nan Wilson, ARNP, Florida

The Inner Game of Money is a definite do!  Spend the money to learn about money so you can make the “money” work for you.  I know see how my relationships with people relate to my patterns with money.  It is now OK for me to have abundance in money!
Teresa Pittman, Public Relations Manager, NC

Inner Game of Money Testimonials2019-10-04T23:02:44-04:00

Practical Mastery Testimonials

What People Say – Practical Mastery

10,000 hours before you master anything in life!  This series has definitely been time well spent.  On a wonderful journey toward mastery of living an extraordinary life.
Bill Spreitzer, Coach and Entrepreneur, NC

Wow.  The tools from the workshops are very powerful for me to maintain a clear space.  And, Pow, the completion evening will live with me forever!
Judy Ordway, Entrepreneur, NC

The Practical Mastery series has allowed me to be aware of my thoughts ans to not necessarily be in reaction.  Basically, I am able to choose instead of react.
Gerald Parker, Desktop Support, NC

The Practical Mastery series was an incredible opportunity for me to uncover new layers of beliefs that create mischief in my life and just don’t work.  I loved that I used the practices during my time away from the Center and I loved the diversity of the exercises.
Katie Baird, Student and Wellness Consultant, NC

This really put me in touch with my purpose and how to address my fears.
Judy Julian, Social Worker, NC

Practical Mastery Testimonials2019-10-04T23:05:20-04:00

Corporate Testimonials

What People Say – WorldLegacy Corporate

I engaged Rob and Wes to facilitate a management change at Anatech LTD.  I have let go of an authoritarian, top down model of operating and I am creating a company based on teamwork.  I see that building these businesses takes people committed to the effort who are working together as a team, and who are responsible for their results.  WorldLegacy is all about people and creating team.  People at Anatech are now communicating as never before.  We are taking ourselves on in creating responsibility, full engagement in the process with intention to create spectacular results.  The team is identifying and owning our individual responsibilities and how we relate as a team.  As such, we have developed and committed to Anatech’s vision, our goals, our strategies, and our actions to have them happen.  People are responsible for our customers, our relationships with them, how we are perceived by them, our profitability, and our determination to move forward as a company to create value for our stakeholders.  Rob and Wes’s contribution of the process itself and facilitation of the process makes all this possible.  Specifically, after a little over a month working with them, October revenues are up 61% year over year; profits are 22.2% instead of negative; and we’re looking forward to creating the highest revenues and profits we’ve achieved in 26 years.
George A. Barr, President Anatech LTD, NC

Saturday morning’s session was led by Dr. Lori Todd. A professor at UNC and the founding partner of WorldLegacy, Dr. Todd prompted students to learn about their own leadership styles and taught the students in attendance how to communicate effectively with different types of leaders. Through role playing and brainstorming, students learned how others “hear” their messages and how they could, in turn, be more responsive to different types of messaging. John Spencer, director of student activities, said, “Prior to the weekend, several students relayed their skepticism about listening to professional speakers. However, at the close of the retreat on Saturday, most of those same students came up to me to express their appreciation for the opportunity to learn about their own leadership styles and how they can carry that message to their clubs’ constituents.”
Reprinted From Duke Law News and Events, Second-Annual Leadership Retreat Inspires Leadership

Corporate Testimonials2019-10-04T23:07:50-04:00



What was most significant for me was the experience of being called forth by a team, staff, trainer, buddy, and mentor who were all committed to seeing me win. I thought there wasn’t too much more I could grow after staffing and senioring WorldLegacy’s workshops, but I found out that was only the tip of the iceberg of who I could be and what I could accomplish. I can choose in any moment to make a difference. I am causing a legislative change in North Carolina State Law that will ultimately lead to a decrease in HIV transmission and save lives. I am very clear about what matters to me.
Natalie Wilson, RN, NC

I totally recommend WorldLegacy’s Advanced Leadership Program LPPhD. I would say it is not just for anyone. This is a huge commitment and responsibility. It is also not for the faint of heart. If you are ready to go on a journey and adventure beyond what you think you know, willing to let go of old ideas that are not working (or even ones that are), to find what you have not a clue about yet, then this is the game to play. If you are willing to be in a hurricane and want to live in a transformed world, if you want to stand where we stand every day, free from circumstances, then this is the game for you. The most valuable parts of LPPhD were my team, and the ability to expand myself when needed.
David Nordeen, Plumbing Contractor, NC

Because of WorldLegacy’s LPPhD, I have finally woken up to seeing that I am a contribution. I can overcome anything. The world will be joyous because I say so. All of this and more is possible because of the PhD program. It is about creating leaders. It is about creating trainers. It is about creating transformation. The most valuable part of LPPhD is being in service to others transformation, and in turn serving my own.
Joseph Long, Software Developer, NC

Through being in WorldLegacy’s LPPhD Program, I have expanded my capacity to give to others exponentially. I can access my authentic self and what is most in my heart. It’s been a refreshing possibility to set an intention and simply create that in others without all the stressors of worrying “how am I going to do this?” I have created solid financial stability. I am working with leaders in my Shaklee franchise and have added two additional Shaklee leaders and created my business with less effort and greater joy. I am excited about what’s next from this deep understanding of mattering and the difference I can make. I really appreciated the flow of the training modules. In fact, the entire program flowed together beautifully each built upon the other.
Amber White, Wellness Educator, NC

LPPhD has been transformational in ways I never imagined, and I am sure I will continue to have realizations about the past seven months as I also know it will continue to shape my future. PhD has transformed who I am, how I see myself, and has made a difference in my making a difference in all arenas of my life: family, work, career, a widening circle of friends. PhD opened the door for me to jump off the cliff and create a whole new life, the life I want. The most valuable part(s) of LPPhD were: the weekends, the structure of  individual and buddy work, the emphasis on stretches focused on service to others, doing public speaking as a team, the exercises bringing alive ways of being and distinctions, getting feedback on how we show up, and reviewing the module tapes.
Ellen Coates, Public Health Professional, MA

WorldLegacy’s LPPhD Program is the difference between living my life and creating an extraordinary life. I cannot help but take the lessons of LPPhD into every piece of my life. As an LPPhD graduate, I see the world from a different perspective and it is all a huge opportunity to make a difference. The weekends were a great opportunity to look at how I show up when the pressure is on. The feedback and lessons were invaluable. I always came out of the weekends with a new perspective and so much possibility for my life. Kaaren Johanson, Operations Manager, NC

LPPhD has opened up possibilities in areas of my life beyond what I envisioned. In my doctorate program, I am creating a dissertation project that will look at feedback and what the importance of being a stand for colleagues in the workplace. My career has grown significantly because of my LPPhD experience. I have created leaders in my team. My project has expanded into eight additional counties and has been invited into the Eastern Band of Cherokee to work with the Native American Juvenile Justice System. I am comfortable and confident in my dealings with senators, judges, CEO’s, communities, state and national leaders because I come from vision and transformation in everything I do. My family has been transformed- and continues to be- as my husband (also in LPPhD) and I create and support our loved ones to become the leaders in their lives. We live in the context of possibility and service, and are a stand for others to do the same- because of WorldLegacy’s LPPhD Program. The most valuable part(s) of LPPhD included: Team- creating team and being part of it. The staff- LPPhD graduates who exemplify being a stand. The Coaches- Rob and Lori consistently holding us to the standard of LPPhD. Personal stretches, 3rd weekend, and breakthrough 2nd weekend.
Patti Long, Program Manager, NC


Emotional Freedom

What People Say – WorldLegacy Emotional Freedom

This workshop hit me like a “POW”!  I am the author of my life in a new way that has allowed me to go beyond my past, accept my present, and declare my future with confidence.  I will create a strong  team of agents who will be abundant and create results.  I am planning on buying houses to create transformational/transitional homes for people.
Tiffany Peterson, Financial Services Coordinator, NC

My intimate relationships and my relationship with myself will all be deeper and cleaner.  I will use specific “workshop” tools for life.  This was a beautifully deep workshop.
Danielle Taleas, Behavioral Therapist, MA

If the quality and depth of your relationships matter to you and you want to experience power and ownership of how you show up,  I strongly recommend you attend this workshop.
Frank Cole, Business Owner, NC

Because of Emotional Freedom I have finally given the parts of myself that I don’t like, permission to be expressed, without judgment and guilt.  The world gets all of me.
Woody Wood, Auto Repair Shop Owner, NC

I discovered all the aspects of my life that I had lost, forgotten, or banished, and I discovered that I love all of me.  I now have a new relationship with myself and everyone else in my life.  I am free to love!  I am free to be healthy!
Ellen Coates, Public Health, MA

Emotional Freedom helped me understand why I react to people in certain specific ways based upon my history.  I expect to have greater control of my emotional reactions because I am clearer about my responsibility for creating my reactions.
Andrew Donadio, Businessman, NC

Wild! Healing! True Freedom!  Each module in Emotional Freedom built upon the previous exercises.  I’ve deepened my spirituality.  The results I saw in the workshop were truly astonishing.  There is no illusion in life that we are all energetically connected and that we are all healers.  I can now have deeper and more authentic relationships with my personal, family, and business relationships.  This can lead to prosperity and health in my physical body.
Judy Ordway, Entrepreneur, NC

Emotional Freedom is like having been trapped in a smoky room for years and finally going outside for your first breath of fresh air.  I learned I was the one who kept myself in the room and I also had the ability to let myself out.  From here healing in my personal relationships is possible. I can love and accept myself instead of beating myself up.
Sara Taylor, Statistician, NC

After this workshop I truly feel whole like I have never experienced before!  I am Free!  I am able to love all of me.  There is no need to hide anything.  This frees me up to wholly and completely love everyone else.
Karen Johanson, Coordinator of Volunteer Services, NC

I experienced the freedom to express myself truthfully through sound, movement, rhythm, human interaction and communication.  I had fun, laughed a lot, cried and realized insights to help me feel more centered.
Rebecca Grossfield, Student, NC

Through this workshop I see how powerful my interpretations are and how I can change them.  I can be myself freely and completely.  From this new place I have the power to heal relationships and love authentically.
Katie Baird, Small Business Owner, WA

I never thought it was possible to see and embrace all the parts of myself that I had previously chosen to dislike, hide and reject.  I now feel whole and can accept every part of myself.  I have a new sense of freedom and connection to others.
Laura Riley, Art Conservator, NC

Emotional Freedom2019-10-04T23:17:52-04:00

Kitty Rosati Publishes Rice Diet Book

kitty-rosatiKitty Rosati Writes Book After Leadership

Since I completed the Journey in 2005 I have written three books; two with Simon & Schuster and the last one with John Wiley & Sons. “The Rice Diet Renewal” was sold and completed within two months of completing the Journey and became a NY Times bestseller within four months of its’ release! Thank you for helping me heal my previously held scarcity belief system, and too often quoted mantra, that “I knew I am suppose to write this book …. but I just don’t have time!”  I never say this anymore.
Kitty Rosati, Nutrition Director Rice Diet Program, Durham, NC

Kitty Rosati Publishes Rice Diet Book2019-10-04T23:21:45-04:00

Physician Inspires Medical Students

 barbsheline.jpg May 6, 2016 140 kB 400 × 400 Edit Image Delete Permanently URL Title Caption Alt Text Description Required fields are marked * Featured image 2 Use as featured image 2 Featured image 3 Use as featured image 3 Featured image 4 Use as featured image 4 Featured image 5 Use as featured image 5 Deselect http//www.worldlegacy.com barbsheline.jpg May 6, 2016 140 kB 400 × 400 Edit Image Delete Permanently URL Title Caption Alt Text Description Required fields are marked * Featured image 2 Use as featured image 2 Featured image 3 Use as featured image 3 Featured image 4 Use as featured image 4 Featured image 5 Use as featured image 5 Deselect Physician Inspires Medical Students

WorldLegacy Public Speaking had me learn to inspire.  “After you spoke, I wanted to be one of your medical students and take your course.” I was able to create that feeling in one of my co-participants after a four-minute speech in which I rehearsed no lines and memorized no ending. I just was being the powerful change-agent I desired. I was blown away by the power of the workshop to shift my public-speaking focus from me to my audience. I learned how to move my audience.
Barb Sheline, MD, MPH, Duke Health System, Durham, NC

Physician Inspires Medical Students2018-07-13T13:17:02-04:00

Marriage and Business Goes To The Next Level

Marriage and Business Goes To The Next Level2018-07-13T13:17:34-04:00

Increased Salary by Forty Percent

Increased Salary by Forty Percent2016-11-28T20:46:16-05:00

Increased School’s Overall Performance

Increased School’s Overall Performance2016-11-28T20:49:36-05:00

A Vision of Family and Wellness

tiffany petersonA Vision of Family Wellness

Family Wellness.  Wow! I had literally forgotten who I was and what was important to me by the time I went to the trainings in North Carolina. I walked in a mother of eight with a job I felt stuck in working 70 hours a week. After the trainings, I started taking my home-based Wellness business seriously. I cherish precious moments with my children, knowing the world has more than enough for all of us to thrive. I have a full life, with friends outside of my profession. My children are so much happier with life, now that they see me living abundantly! I see my vision of Family Wellness in the world more clearly everyday!
Tiffany Peterson, Wellness Coach, Raleigh, NC

A Vision of Family and Wellness2018-04-19T00:15:08-04:00

Corporate Wellness Business

JimGCorporate Wellness Business

I was a personal trainer and fitness instructor at the time I did the trainings. Being in the health and fitness industry I have been to many professional conventions and other training opportunities before. What I found was an amazing group of individuals committed to creating positive change and powerfully supporting others to find their voice. After the trainings I formed my own corporation and started providing unique corporate wellness and health promotion programs.  Personally, I rode three Century (100 mile plus) bike rides for charity, was elected president of the CUMC chapter of the United Methodists Men’s national association, and for five years I helped lead a mission team to Mississippi to complete Katrina disaster relief. Ultimately, what I created was a crystal clear vision of what I wanted and an understanding that the only thing keeping me from it was me.
Jim G., Business Owner,  Charlotte, NC

Corporate Wellness Business2018-04-19T00:13:13-04:00

Close Relationships and Amazing Career

Close Relationships and Amazing Career

I created my loving, committed relationship that goes beyond anything I ever imagined. I thought the emotional distance that defined my family was just a fact of life; then “I love you” came flying out of us every time we spoke — and not a moment too soon, because four years later my sister died. I returned to a career in publishing after a decade; then I became senior managing editor at a top-tier academic press. I knew I could write, but thought I didn’t have anything to say; then my memoir came pouring out.
Laurel Ferejohn, Managing Editor, Raleigh, NC

Close Relationships and Amazing Career2018-04-19T00:17:54-04:00

Living Life Full Out

Living Life Full Out2016-11-28T21:16:32-05:00

Social Worker Starts Private Practice

ellenpizerSocial Worker Starts Private Practice

I cannot easily articulate the profound impact these trainings have had on my life, both personally and professionally. I gained a sense of self-esteem that gave me the courage to believe in myself and my capacity to make a difference in the world. I started my private practice a year later at the age of 27. I noticed an enhanced ability to connect and create relationships with others. This made a noticeable difference in my personal life with family and friends, as well as a much more meaningful connection with the many people I would treat as a psychotherapist. Over ten years later, I am still practicing and grateful for the context of leadership in my life and the many possibilities it creates.
Ellen Pizer, Clinical Social Worker, Raleigh, NC

Social Worker Starts Private Practice2018-04-19T00:16:16-04:00

Expands Assisted Living Business

Expands Assisted Living Business2018-04-19T00:20:07-04:00
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