This workshop gave me tools to break through past limitations and I believe I will now be unstoppable in each area of my life. I am complete with a new power that will transform my clients, family, friends, and everyone I am in relationship with. I have ways to choose from my commitments instead of my limitations. I am UnMessable.
LaShanya Aikerson, CEO/Trainer, FL

This workshop gave me the opportunity to look at what was not working in my life, and I uncovered my purpose and vision. I am embracing my purpose from a stand of connection, with tools to help me shift when necessary. Thank you so much! This work is the gift that keeps on giving. I can’t imagine my life without it.
Sandy Grogan, Writer, NC

I had a profound experience in this workshop. I went back to my true authentic self and experienced freedom. This will impact my music career. WorldLegacy changed my life and I want to come to every workshop because it made a huge impact in all spheres of my life. When my buttons get pushed, I see how to reset myself. I am now bringing a new level of authenticity and vulnerability to my primary relationship.
Jamilya Kurmanova, Business Owner, NC