As the staff at WorldLegacy, we are uncompromising in our approach to work, play, and life.  We are relentless in believing that people can create their dreams.  We won’t abandon this belief.  When you are with us, your life may not be more comfortable, but it will be more successful.


Dr. Rob Katz Rob Katz, PhD, Director and Trainer
Dr. Rob Katz has twelve years of experience as an entrepreneur in the high-tech industry and twenty years as a leadership coach and trainer.  With a Computer Science,  Rob has applied his talents to bridge the gap between cognitive systems and the human factors that constitute peak performance.  By combining dynamic learning systems with experiential learning modes, he assists people in developing their own innate talents in order to accomplish extraordinary results.

As the founder of WorldLegacy and Geek Leadership, Rob leads seminars around the world, and he has personally worked with thirty thousand people, including Fortune 100 executives, multi-millionaires, best-selling authors, and professional athletes. His mission in life is to empower people to live their dreams in a way that impacts not only their lives but also the lives of the communities around them.

Before bringing his talents to the business world, Rob earned an engineering degree from MIT and his PhD in Computer Science at UNC Chapel Hill.  He played key roles in several successful high-tech startup ventures in addition to his own cognitive-based research in developing methods that make computer graphics look more realistic. Rob is an active ham radio enthusiast and an avid Radiosport competitor.

Dr. Lori Todd Lori Todd, PhD, Director and Trainer
Dr. Lori Todd is the senior coach at WorldLegacy and a Leadership and Breakthrough II Trainer. Lori has been coaching and leading transformational workshops since 1996, and leads trainings across the United States and Mexico. She has personally trained over 10,000 people, coaching them to develop their unique leadership and communication talents. In her work, Lori challenges people to risk like it is their last day, give like their love is unlimited, and grow like they have forever. Lori has devoted her life to teaching, coaching and training with the commitment to make a difference for people and develop leaders in all fields.

Lori has an eclectic background including acting, the arts, and science, which have supported her ability to relate to many types of people. She has lived throughout the United States and has traveled extensively throughout the world. She received a BS from Antioch College, MS from Cornell University, and a PhD in Environmental Sciences from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In 1990, she became an Assistant Professor at UNC and, in 1994, President Clinton awarded her a Presidential Faculty Fellow award for her teaching and research, one of thirteen scientists in the US. In 1995, Lori was a finalist for the Discover Magazine Award for Technological Innovation for her research in mapping harmful chemicals in air. In addition to being a scientist, trainer and coach, Lori is an artist and animal lover.

terrynelsonTerry Nelson, Trainer
Terry has been a coach and mentor in the domain of personal and professional development for over 25 years. He has worked with over 50,000 people, coaching individuals and conducting large group seminars. His approach with clients is first to establish a trusting relationship and then to support them to achieve the extraordinary in what matters most to them. His methodology is eclectic and his style is flexible. Terry has been a long time student of the art and science of empowerment. Terry has worked both in government and the private sector in the United States, Asia, and Latin America. As the Vice President of an international personal development training company, one of Terry’s roles was to train the trainers–he was the coach’s coach. He is certified to use Daniel Goldman’s 360-degree feedback instrument. He has a Masters Degree from the Cornell Business School and is a professional level member of the National Speaker’s Association. He has recently published a chapter in the book, Success is a Decision of the Mind, Insight Publishing, 2004.