In any moment we can express our unique gifts to humanity and provide leadership that makes a difference in the world.  What is the impact you came here to create?
Our core curriculum is designed to have you profoundly experience authenticity and live powerfully from your vision and purpose in every aspect of your life.

The Journey will be offered as an in-person series or a virtual series.  Check the schedule for more information.



The Breakthrough portion of the WorldLegacy Journey, is delivered in two parts called Breakthrough I and Breakthrough II. Breakthrough I allows you to clarify both your talents and your blind spots so that you can operate most effectively toward your personal goals. In Breakthrough I, you will be able to look deeply and honestly at the way you think, feel, and act in the world. By identifying the limits you unconsciously place on your success, you can design a vision for your future, and open up new horizons for creating extraordinary results in all areas of your life. Breakthrough II is a life-defining interpersonal experience that gets to the heart of what matters in your life. In Breakthrough II, you have an opportunity to learn how to overcome your circumstances in order to accomplish the extraordinary. It is an action-oriented workshop in which you access the personal breakthroughs needed for sustainable change.

Through Breakthrough I you will:

  • Enhance your ability to live life effortlessly while accomplishing extraordinary results

  • Deepen your understanding of yourself and others

  • Awaken the authentic and spontaneous you

  • Experience being profoundly connected

Through Breakthrough II you will:

  • Profoundly experience full self-expression

  • Discover the key to your personal power

  • Transform your relationship with fear

  • Communicate with impact and inspire others

  • Alter forever your capacity to accomplish

Breakthrough: 1995
Leadership: 1495
The Journey (Breakthrough and Leadership):  2795 (save 695)

Breakthrough Part I:
One evening and three full days (Thursday night, all day Friday – Sunday), and one follow-up evening session on Monday night

Breakthrough Part II:
Five full days (Wednesday-Sunday) and one follow-up evening session on Monday night

Age 18 and over



Take a stand. Leave your unique legacy.  Take three months with a team and personal coach and change your life and impact the world.

We believe that the most effective leaders lead from their hearts, with a clear vision and a firm intention. In the Leadership part of the WorldLegacy Journey, you will be coached in how to stand outside the ordinary in order to achieve a quantum leap in results, personally, professionally, and in the domain of making an impact on this planet. The intent of this three-month coaching program is for you to develop your skills in leadership, accomplishment, enrollment, and service. You will use regular coaching to practice personal accomplishment and empowering others, and you will work with a team of participants to complete an extraordinary Legacy project. The project leaves a tangible and lasting contribution in the community. Each team has the challenge of involving community members, not using any of their own money, and completing the project in one weekend. Most projects have budgets that exceed $30,000. You will experience the profound honor and energizing effect of being dedicated to a purpose bigger than yourself.

With your team and your coach, you will bring into reality what may now seem impossible. You will also:

  • Master the principles from which all great leaders live

  • Expand your time management skills

  • Expand your ability to generate money

  • Create powerful communication and relationship skills

  • Learn to navigate through any obstacles to create your intended results

  • Increase your confidence and self-esteem

  • Increase ability to live from possibility not problems

  • Be driven by principles and promises rather than feelings or other’s opinions

  • Experience living in contribution and giving to others

  • Be responsible and hold others accountable for the results

  • Achieve personal excellence and accomplish the extraordinary in all areas of your life


The Journey (Breakthrough and Leadership):  2795 (save 695)
Breakthrough: 1995
Leadership: 1495
Breakthrough and Leadership Separately:  3490

Leadership is presented over a span of three months which includes four weekend workshops, team meetings, coaching sessions, and learning enhancement modules.


All students must provide proof of negative COVID-19 test results within 24 hours of the start of the training.  A PCR test can be taken within 5-7 days of the training and a Rapid Antigen or home test within 2 days of the training. Please take a time-stamped photo of the test results and provide it before the training starts or bring it to registration.