What People Say – WorldLegacy Abundance & Prosperity

During Abundance & Prosperity I saw the limiting conversations that are holding me back.  I am making significantly different choices going forward so I can attract the clients I am committed to in my career.
LaShanya Aikerson, Corporate Trainer, GA

I am a solo entrepreneur and this was a magical workshop.  I saw abundance is not a place to get to, it is a come from.  I am accepting and expressing myself joyfully and am crystal clear on creating and executing my ideas for my business.  Everyone should take this workshop.
Tanisha Layne, Entrepreneur, NC

This was eye-opening and instrumental in fundamentally having myself shift about coming from a place of abundance and prosperity.  I woke up to the tremendous value I bring to people.  I am free to receive without guilt.
Karen Cole, Paralegal, NC

I used to be successful as a contractor but at the level of generating business in the thousands of dollar range.  My perspective shifted entirely in A & P and I now routinely generate business in the tens of thousands of dollar range.  Quite impressive.
David Nordeen, Plumbing Contractor, SC

I woke up to my relationship with money, people and myself.  This was one of the best workshops I have attended so far.  I became clear about aligning myself with my goals.  I have created the job I wanted, the relationship and marriage I desired, and the healing of my family.
Zarina Alim, IT Developer, Washington, DC

This workshop exceeded my expectations and was fun. I see clearly how I have been sabotaging myself.  I have a much deeper understanding of who I am, what matters most in my life, and living the life I was meant to live.  I have a completely new level of confidence and a clear plan for the future.  In this workshop I found answers in questions I  have been struggling with for a long time.  In a word, extraordinary.
Ellen Coates, Public Health Professional, MA

This workshop was a fun, free and flowing.  I now have two businesses and have more freedom than ever.
Lina Yang, Business Owner, NC