What People Say – WorldLegacy Emotional Freedom

This workshop hit me like a “POW”!  I am the author of my life in a new way that has allowed me to go beyond my past, accept my present, and declare my future with confidence.  I will create a strong  team of agents who will be abundant and create results.  I am planning on buying houses to create transformational/transitional homes for people.
Tiffany Peterson, Financial Services Coordinator, NC

My intimate relationships and my relationship with myself will all be deeper and cleaner.  I will use specific “workshop” tools for life.  This was a beautifully deep workshop.
Danielle Taleas, Behavioral Therapist, MA

If the quality and depth of your relationships matter to you and you want to experience power and ownership of how you show up,  I strongly recommend you attend this workshop.
Frank Cole, Business Owner, NC

Because of Emotional Freedom I have finally given the parts of myself that I don’t like, permission to be expressed, without judgment and guilt.  The world gets all of me.
Woody Wood, Auto Repair Shop Owner, NC

I discovered all the aspects of my life that I had lost, forgotten, or banished, and I discovered that I love all of me.  I now have a new relationship with myself and everyone else in my life.  I am free to love!  I am free to be healthy!
Ellen Coates, Public Health, MA

Emotional Freedom helped me understand why I react to people in certain specific ways based upon my history.  I expect to have greater control of my emotional reactions because I am clearer about my responsibility for creating my reactions.
Andrew Donadio, Businessman, NC

Wild! Healing! True Freedom!  Each module in Emotional Freedom built upon the previous exercises.  I’ve deepened my spirituality.  The results I saw in the workshop were truly astonishing.  There is no illusion in life that we are all energetically connected and that we are all healers.  I can now have deeper and more authentic relationships with my personal, family, and business relationships.  This can lead to prosperity and health in my physical body.
Judy Ordway, Entrepreneur, NC

Emotional Freedom is like having been trapped in a smoky room for years and finally going outside for your first breath of fresh air.  I learned I was the one who kept myself in the room and I also had the ability to let myself out.  From here healing in my personal relationships is possible. I can love and accept myself instead of beating myself up.
Sara Taylor, Statistician, NC

After this workshop I truly feel whole like I have never experienced before!  I am Free!  I am able to love all of me.  There is no need to hide anything.  This frees me up to wholly and completely love everyone else.
Karen Johanson, Coordinator of Volunteer Services, NC

I experienced the freedom to express myself truthfully through sound, movement, rhythm, human interaction and communication.  I had fun, laughed a lot, cried and realized insights to help me feel more centered.
Rebecca Grossfield, Student, NC

Through this workshop I see how powerful my interpretations are and how I can change them.  I can be myself freely and completely.  From this new place I have the power to heal relationships and love authentically.
Katie Baird, Small Business Owner, WA

I never thought it was possible to see and embrace all the parts of myself that I had previously chosen to dislike, hide and reject.  I now feel whole and can accept every part of myself.  I have a new sense of freedom and connection to others.
Laura Riley, Art Conservator, NC