What People Say – WorldLegacy Inner Game of Money

The Inner game of Money was very eye opening.  I have felt my relationship with money was affected by my emotions but I didn’t realize how far back in life it began.  Also I did not realize how my scarcity could cause scarcity for my husband.  I can now have open communication with my husband about our finances and my spending habits.  Then we can have more abundance and security for retirement.
Susan Cahoon, Rad Tech, NC

I really had fun playing in the inner Game of Money workshop.  This workshop allowed me to powerfully see how my relationship with money impacts my relationship with others.  I am so glad I did this workshop.  I no longer tie my self worth to the amount of money I have.  I can be free and abundant. 
Margaret, Marketing, NC

The Inner Game of Money allowed me to examine by beliefs and concepts around money and my relationship with money.  It also provided me with the tools to create abundance in every aspect of my life.  I can now have a business that prospers.
Nan Wilson, ARNP, Florida

The Inner Game of Money is a definite do!  Spend the money to learn about money so you can make the “money” work for you.  I know see how my relationships with people relate to my patterns with money.  It is now OK for me to have abundance in money!
Teresa Pittman, Public Relations Manager, NC