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What I gained from the Sexuality workshop is that I can now see, accept, and embrace who I am as a complete, sexual woman. Every aspect of my life has been powerfully enhanced and I am open to experience all my relationships for exactly what they are. Even better, the depth of intimacy that I am now able to create in my personal relationships is truly freeing.
Nan Wilson, Nurse Practitioner, FL

The sexuality workshop changed my life and my relationships as much as Breakthough I and the Breakthrough II did.  Intimacy in my relationships with women has completely changed 100% for the positive.  I met a new woman earlier this month, and we are now in a committed, potentially long term relationship.  I would not trade the experience of the Sexuality Workshop for anything.
Wayne Ford, CLU, CHFC, NC

What’s possible for me in my life through the breakthroughs I had in Sexuality is a freedom and openness towards my own sexuality that I previously had surrounded by what I should and shouldn’t do.  It is so freeing to now realize that when I feel lots of energy attached to stuff, I first can back up and remind myself that it is a neutral event and then I am empowered to chose to see it in a way that serves my vision.  I can get connected to what I want when I clear away the shoulds I put on myself and the shoulds I imagine others put on me.
Karen Shuart, Firefighter, NC

What is possible in my life since this experience is an appreciation and celebration for the one person I’ve neglected and downplayed for so long … me.  It is clearer than ever that it’s impossible to love others deeply, with all of my heart when I don’t love, accept, and appreciate myself. Now that I accept that I matter and that I am valuable, I am able to have relationships and friendships that go beneath the surface, ones that are meaningful and giving.  Finally, recognizing and owning my value allowed me to release everyone else from the responsibility of convincing me that I am loved and appreciated.
B. Robinson, Birhanie Travel, NC

Sexuality was a homecoming for me. I came home to myself.  Living became easy and joyful, because being MYSELF became a joy.  Every moment became a free and joyful expression of myself. Moments for me are now full of my presence, and I am happy to present myself freely and powerfully to the world.  Nothing has given me more comfort and self-confidence than the self-acceptance I achieved in Sexuality. I am indestructible in who I am, and I have learned the true meaning of “Nothing can take away who you are.”
Taylor Hayes, Attorney, NC

The sexuality workshop gave me the opportunity to connect to a side of myself that I had buried.  Since the workshop I have become a free, fearless, sensual woman.
Jeannine Tock, Reiki Master, FL

What I got out of the Sexuality workshop was a whole new appreciation and acceptance of both myself and all the people in my life.  I got to peel off all of the societal roles that I had been living, and return to the essence of who I am.  I dare say that there is something greater than the human mind, and that something is what is left when the mind lets go.  The Sexuality workshop was a powerful environment to just let my mind quiet down, and get back to why I want to be here on this Earth.  For me, that is contribution, love, and freedom.
Sean Garvey, Scientist, NC

The sexuality workshop opened up a new level of intimacy and connection in my relationships, especially with my husband.  We have a new openness and trust that has deepened our love for each other as equal, whole, perfect human beings.  In addition, through the workshop I realized life does not have to be lived in categories: this is my work life, this is my private life, this is my school life… here I am a mother, there a professional, there a student… Instead I get to be a whole person, with a whole, integrated, amazing life in which my sexual, spiritual, physical being is celebrated every day in every connection with others.  Whether I am in conversation with Judges or children, professors or therapists, I am still me, in all my beauty, power, and freedom.  This workshop is a gift! Take it!
Patti Long, Entrepreneur, NC