What People Say – Practical Mastery

10,000 hours before you master anything in life!  This series has definitely been time well spent.  On a wonderful journey toward mastery of living an extraordinary life.
Bill Spreitzer, Coach and Entrepreneur, NC

Wow.  The tools from the workshops are very powerful for me to maintain a clear space.  And, Pow, the completion evening will live with me forever!
Judy Ordway, Entrepreneur, NC

The Practical Mastery series has allowed me to be aware of my thoughts ans to not necessarily be in reaction.  Basically, I am able to choose instead of react.
Gerald Parker, Desktop Support, NC

The Practical Mastery series was an incredible opportunity for me to uncover new layers of beliefs that create mischief in my life and just don’t work.  I loved that I used the practices during my time away from the Center and I loved the diversity of the exercises.
Katie Baird, Student and Wellness Consultant, NC

This really put me in touch with my purpose and how to address my fears.
Judy Julian, Social Worker, NC