Miracles are not a random phenomenon, they can be created by you. However, causing miracles is out of the realm of your current reality. Our ability to cause miracles in our life is directly related to our willingness to operate outside the domain of what we already know.

They way you see it is not the way it is, it is just the way you see things. We have Miracle blindness!

Hear and experience transformational distinctions in a new way that gives you power. This training will allow you to access your power in all domains of your life.

Through this workshop:

•  Learn how you can consistently create Miracles in your life
•  Make the impossible possible
•  Have miracles happen during the workshop
•  Get the tools to put your Ego in the background and have access to hidden possibilities
•  Learn how to operate outside of your current realm of possibilities to consistently produce extraordinary results

Prerequisite: Graduates of Breakthrough
Schedule: All day Saturday and Sunday
Tuition: $495 (No Cost Freedom Pass Members)

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