Have your inner game of money work for you not limit you.
Attract money. Create money. Make peace with money. Make a difference with money.

Financial success begins with your inner game!

In this experiential seminar you will:

• Discover what stands between you and financial prosperity
• Free yourself up to make more money with less effort
• Uncover your already existing money blueprint and make it work for you or invent a new one

In the seminar you will play a game that reveals your relationship with money so that you can have choice. How can you make money work for you?  What is Your money personality? How does your money personality impact your personal relationships? How does your relationship with money impact the success of your business? This workshop will allow you to have a powerful and forwarding relationship with money regardless of the current economy!

Prerequisite: 18 years or older.
Schedule: All day Saturday, 9 am – 5 pm
Tuition: $99