The essence of intimacy is knowing another person and being known. Intimacy is the privilege of giving yourself to another, and having that gift fully received.

The Power of Intimacy is an opportunity for you to redefine what it means for you to be intimately related. The world is advancing at a light speed pace and geographical distances now have little meaning. Yet the distances between our hearts seem to grow. In the Power of Intimacy you will challenge your habitual ways of thinking that generate separateness in your life. You will learn fundamental principles that will allow you to harness the Power of Intimacy to transform your relationships with family, friends, colleagues, and yourself.

You will examine the following questions:
Am I listening?
• Am I feeling?
• Am I communicating effectively?
• Am I fully appreciating others and myself?
• Do people get the authentic me?
• Am I forgiving?

• Develop practical tools to communicate more effectively
• Discover the freedom, joy, and empowerment of honoring each other and yourself
• Experience the power of being fully present
• Experience increased openness, aliveness, and trust

Prerequisite: Breakthough
Schedule: Friday Night, Saturday and Sunday
Tuition: $495