What Happens when Mastery Collides with Quantum Physics?  A New Reality is Born.

Our Masters Course provides practices for access to in-the-moment crystal clarity of your mind, body and emotions.  This allows to to access a new dimension in living consciously.  This is where Quantum Mastery starts.

Quantum Mastery opens the doorway to a new possibility of living consciously in the world.  You not only walk through the door, you also become a door for others.

Consciously harness the invisible quantum forces that we swim in every day.  When you combine the wisdom of ancient masters with the breakthrough discoveries of modern science, you can walk a path that few dare to follow.

It seems like magic, but it’s not – it is Quantum Mastery.

•  Consciously create and manifest your goals and purpose.

•  Create peace in any situation and every moment.

•  Develop an ease in connecting and relating with others.

•  Discover the purpose that infuses everything you do.

•  Co-create the world together as conscious creators.

Prerequisite: Breakthrough II

Schedule: Six Wednesday evenings from 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Tuition: $495 (No Cost Freedom Pass)