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Experience the unexpected in a new WorldLegacy exclusive workshop

Quantum Source.  Learn and grow at the intersection where theoretical quantum physics meets practical transformation. Ready to take your life and results to the next level? Join us and experience exponential growth. You don’t want to miss this launching of a new era in transformation.

In this workshop you will:

  • Go from resisting the laws of the universe to unleashing their power

  • Start inventing your reality based on scientific discoveries of the universe

  • Open the door to a whole new way of thinking

  • Shatter your mirage of limitations

  • Expand your presence to make a bigger impact in your family, community, workplace and the world

  • Create powerful breakthroughs in your results

Prerequisite: Graduate of Breakthrough II
Schedule: All day Saturday and Sunday
Tuition: $495

What People Say – Quantum Source

Quantum Source opened up my eyes to the unknown, uncertainty and a world of possibilities.  Looking at life from this view opens up new doors in my life; a new way to see people and all living creatures in a new light.  I expect this to take all my relationships to a much deeper level.
Kiaresh Tossi, Information Technology, MD.

The is one of the most powerful workshops I have ever attended at WorldLegacy.  I now experience myself as a more powerful, free and open woman.  I can now be a conscious creator in my life.
Jadore Bimurzinova, Caregiver, NYC

It is so amazing to see in a new light and explains the actions and feeling on how the world operates.  I can now interact in my life with new possibilities.  I can see my life operating with free flowing energy and a deeper way to connect to people.
Linda Peters, Engineer, NC

Quantum Source allowed me to take a deeper cut on living in possibility.  I saw how I was keeping myself from creating the relationships I wanted with my daughters, by creating myself separate and anticipating the “next verbal attack.”  Before the workshop was over, I started creating an entirely different connection with my daughters, one of appreciation and love.
Barb Kulp, Massage Therapist, NC

Quantum Source workshop radically changed how I think about my life. Instead of going through plans and strategies for a long period of time, I can now create radical business results much faster.  Infinite possibilities are always available.
Katherine Larsen, Coach and Author, NC

The workshop was amazing and had me get in touch with a totally different way of instantaneously manifesting results.  I also previously underestimated how damaging my limiting conversations are to my health and life.
Eric McAfee, Computer Engineer, NC

I am using this workshop to create a loving connection with my brother and father.  I let go of my frustration in these relationships.  I am the generator of the results in my life in every way.  I loved this workshop.
Aizhan Nauryzbayeva, Finance, NYC

In Quantum Source I was able to clearly see how I have been living as a “separate machine.”  I was not embracing infinite possibilities available in this interconnected universe.  I appreciated the mix of analytical explanation and experiential exercises.  I was able to let go and move forward powerfully.
Carl McMillon, IT Manager, NC

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