As human beings, part of our essential nature is relationship.  We are not isolated individuals who occasionally come together.  It is easy to get wrapped up in “life” and lose track of our place with others. But we are always in relationship!

Relationship Mastery is a powerful opportunity to step beyond your habitual ways of Relationship thinking­. Discover the natural ease of being related.  Bring your unique authentic self into all your interactions, so all your relationships become an effortless expression of who you genuinely are.

True relating begins and ends with authenticity.  Relationship Mastery is your time to make it real.  Learn how to be the expansive, authentic you as a context in which all of your relationships will flourish.

In Relationship Mastery, you will learn to:

• Unleash your capacity for authenticity
• Handle obstacles and challenges with strength and grace
• Be a creative expression of yourself in the world
• Create a romantic relationship that is deep and lasting
• Live in a way that others automatically want to support you in your goals and vision
• Be powerful with others in your own unique way
• Access your intrinsic ability to relate

Prerequisite: Breakthrough
Schedule: Six weeks (one evening a week)
Tuition: $495 (No Cost Freedom Pass Members)